Retail in Europe

Monday, 29th Nov 2021 at 14:00 GMT


About this event

The pandemic accelerated existing trends in retail and created new ones as consumer lifestyles and spending habits changed dramatically. Performances across sectors and channels varied with massive disruption and losses up against substantial gains. As we emerge into a post-pandemic world how should retailers plan for the new retail world? What trends and themes will impact future growth and where are the opportunities?

This three-hour virtual conference brings together pioneering insight and gold-standard data and forecasts from GlobalData’s Retail practice to give clients a comprehensive view of the European retail landscape and the strategies needed to thrive in it. With a comprehensive agenda covering key strategic themes, market and channel forecasts and trends, consumer trends, and insight into retailers’ actions to target emerging themes, this conference will enable you to plan for the future with confidence.

Aimed at retail marketers, strategy teams and those keen to understand the most influential trends and industry themes, our virtual conference will help you to:

• Discover the most important strategic themes your company needs to explore and utilize

• Understand which European countries, sectors and channels offer the greatest opportunities for expansion over the next five years

• Understand consumer behavior and the impact on retail demand and the variations across Europe

• Gain insight from underlying ‘alternative’ data from patents to company filings and hiring to understand which players are already ahead on targeting the latest themes

• Gain insight into where future innovation in both products or services needs to play in order to target these themes

Sectors covered

Total retail, clothing & footwear, food & grocery, electricals, health & beauty and home sectors, and online and offline channels

All of Europe with top-level focus on Western and Eastern Europe, and select individual countries
Strategic themes and how these need to be employed by retailers


Welcome & Introduction – 15 mins

Led by Maureen Hinton, Global Retail Research Director of GlobalData’s Retail Business Unit, this brief introduction will focus on setting the scene in order to understand the European retail landscape in a post-pandemic world.

Forecasts & Prospects for Retail across Europe – 30 mins

Patrick O’Brien, UK Retail Research Director, Lead Retail Analyst Emily Stella, and Chloe Collins, Head of Apparel, will delve into European retail market drivers and inhibitors. Discover the impact COVID-19 has had on European Retail and forecast growth over the next five years and understand the growth potential by sector and channel (including online) across Europe over the next five years.

Industry Insights – 25 mins

Principal Retail Analysts Kate Ormrod and Honor Strachan will examine the key themes dictating future performance in retail.

Thematic Analysis – 25 mins

Thematic Research Analyst Luke Gowland will demonstrate the hidden insights you can obtain by analyzing alternative data sets from a thematic perspective. This will allow you to identify the key trends in which themes are being effectively targeted, those in which they aren’t, and discover who is making the key moves in these spaces.

Conclusions & Outlook – 30 mins

Maureen Hinton will wrap up with conclusions on key strategic questions raised throughout the conference. The summary and outlook will include the opportunity for a final Q&A.

Our speakers

Maureen Hinton

Maureen is the Group Retail Research Director at GlobalData. She heads up the global team of analysts covering all areas of retail. Her background is in the clothing retail industry including roles based in Italy and Russia. She is a member of the KPMG Retail Think Tank and has been classified as one of the top 10 global retail influencers by

Patrick O’Brien

Patrick is the UK Retail Research Director at GlobalData. He heads up the UK team of analysts and is responsible for all UK syndicated and bespoke retail content as well as global forecasting. Prior to his 10 years experience in retail analysis, Patrick was a Principal Analyst at Ovum, covering business technology, having covered the technology markets as a journalist previously.

Honor Strachan

Honor is a Principal Retail Analyst at GlobalData and has been responsible for global content and analysis across a range of retail sectors, working with major retail clients on consultancy projects as well as managing syndicated content. She now focuses on the food & grocery sector.

Emily Stella

Emily is the Lead Analyst managing the Home retail division at GlobalData. She advises major retail clients on changing market dynamics and the competitive landscape in the Home sector. Prior to joining GlobalData, Emily was a consultant in the foodservice and coffee sectors.

Chloe Collins

Chloe is the Head of Apparel at GlobalData and helps global apparel clients understand and navigate the ever-changing global apparel market through in-depth data and analysis. Before joining GlobalData, Chloe worked in merchandising for leading UK retailers.

Kate Ormrod

Kate is a Principal Retail Analyst at GlobalData with 10 years experience in retail analysis. She covers and manages a range of retail sectors and retail channels, including online and retail locations and also consumer trend tracking and surveys in the UK. She previously worked in merchandising for The Disney Store.

Luke Gowland

Luke is an Analyst specializing in the Thematic Research program at GlobalData. This program covers the themes that will impact and disrupt companies’ performances across 19 business verticals, including Retail. It helps clients to identify the important themes early, enabling companies to make the right investments ahead of the competition, and secure that all-important competitive advantage.