Key Themes That will Shape The Travel & Tourism Industry In 2022 And Beyond

Tuesday, 30th Nov 2021 at 10:00 GMT


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COVID-19 has changed the travel & tourism industry beyond all recognition. Innovative solutions are taking on even greater importance as companies look to improve the efficiency of their operations, while also catering to ever-evolving consumer preferences (including an increasing demand for transparency and action on ESG issues). The race to realign strategies and marketing messages has already begun but understanding the target traveler is key.

This two-and-a-half-hour virtual conference brings together the very best insight and gold-standard data and forecasts from GlobalData’s Travel & Tourism practice in order to give a definitive vision of the future direction of the industry. With a comprehensive agenda covering key strategic themes, consumer behavior, market performance, and insight into company actions to target emerging themes, this conference will enable you to see how your business fits into the big picture.

Aimed at industry practitioners, strategic thinkers and those keen to understand global trends and industry themes, our virtual conference will help you to:

• Discover the most important strategic themes your company needs to explore

• Understand the future direction of the industry, particularly from a technology standpoint

• Gain insight from underlying ‘alternative’ data from patents to company filings and hirings to understand which players are already ahead on targeting the latest themes

• Gain insight into where future innovation in both products and services needs to play in order to target these themes

Sectors Covered:

High-level coverage of travel & tourism sectors, including airlines, car rental, intermediaries, hotels

Market data across the aforementioned sectors, as well as traveler demands and flows, and spending


Welcome & Introduction – 15 mins

Nick Wyatt, GlobalData’s Head of Research & Analysis for Travel & Tourism, will provide a brief introduction, setting the scene on the impact of five carefully selected themes on the industry.

Forecasts & Prospects – 30 mins

Travel & Tourism Analyst Gus Gardner will examine the shifts in key sectors, identifying headline opportunities by category.

Industry Insights – 30 mins

Nick Wyatt will deliver key insights into how disruptive technologies and concerns around ESG concerns are remodeling the tourism space.

Thematic Analysis – 30 mins

Nick Wyatt and Gus Gardner will together uncover the hidden insights you can extract from alternative datasets by analyzing them from a thematic perspective. They’ll be identifying key trends in which themes are being targeted effectively, trends in which they aren’t, as well as shining a light on who is making the key plays in these spaces.

Roundtable Discussion– 45 mins

The last session will be a panel discussion with Ed Thomas, Luke Gowland and David Bicknell, all key thought leaders from GlobalData’s Thematic Team. They will analyze the key themes, use cases and future strategies for businesses operating within the Travel & Tourism space in greater detail.

Conclusions & Outlook – 10 mins

Finally, Nick Wyatt will deliver conclusions on key strategic questions, furnishing an outlook for 2022 and beyond, with a final opportunity to ask questions.


Nicholas Wyatt, Head of Research and Analysis, GlobalData’s Travel & Tourism Practice

Nick is a specialist in travel & tourism, with over 11 years of experience in research, analysis and business information. Nick oversaw the launch of GlobalData’s Travel & Tourism intelligence centre and is responsible for ensuring the design, publication and delivery of market-leading content to a diverse client base that includes DMOs, airports, hotels and consulting groups.

Gus Gardner, Analyst, GlobalData’s Travel & Tourism Practice

Gus is an analyst with GlobalData’s Travel and Tourism team and has a special interest in aviation. He has authored a wide variety of insight reports looking at key trends, themes, and changes that the “new normal” will bring through detailed analysis and research. Recent topics of research have included a series of thematic reports examining low-cost evolution, travel apps and online travel, covering the evolution, impacts, and challenges these themes have posed for the travel sector.

Luke Gowland, Analyst, GlobalData’s Thematic Research Practice

Luke is an analyst within GlobalData’s thematic research team. He has a particular interest in climate change and ESG. His role as analyst sees him author thematic reports and present at webinars covering themes such as ESG, climate change, and most recently, IoT.

David Bicknell, Principal Analyst, GlobalData’s Thematic Research Practice

David Bicknell has over 30 years’ experience in writing about and analyzing the technology sector, both from the vendor and the user perspective, both in the UK and the US. His career in technology journalism and analysis has included detailed research into IT projects and he has co-authored a book, ‘Crash’, which explored why and how IT projects go wrong. He has also co-authored a novel on the life of computer pioneer Charles Babbage.

Ed Thomas, Research Director, GlobalData’s Thematic Research Practice

Ed Thomas is research director in GlobalData’s technology thematic research team, where he analyzes the key technology themes impacting companies in every sector of the global economy. His main areas of coverage include artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies, including conversational platforms and machine learning.