The Future of Global Construction after COVID-19

Tuesday, 23rd Nov 2021 at 14:00 GMT


About this event

COVID-19 has impacted many parts of the construction sector, with the industry recovering at varying speeds across different countries and sectors. As the pandemic eases, companies can now look ahead to determine where best to focus their businesses, both in the short and medium term, and ensure they can operate efficiently, sustainably and profitably.

This two-hour virtual conference brings together predictions for all major construction markets as well as insights into trends in technology adoption and ESG performance to give a definitive vision of the future direction of the construction industry. With a comprehensive agenda covering key growth opportunities, strategic themes and company performance and innovation, this conference will enable you to see how your business fits in to the big picture.

Aimed at contractors, architects and designers, engineers, consultants and product and material suppliers to the construction sector, and those keen to understand global trends and industry themes, our virtual conference will help you to:

• Discover the construction markets set for growth in 2022

• Compare the latest construction indicators, such as risk, momentum and confidence

• Track the trends in technology adoption in the construction sector and the latest innovations

• Contrast the areas of ESG receiving the greatest focus and compare company performance

Sectors covered



Buildings (including residential, commercial and institutional)




Welcome & Introduction – 5 mins

Settle in to the conference with a preview of what’s set to unfold over the next two hours.

Prospects for the Construction Sector in 2022 – 40 mins

In our first session, Danny Richards, Lead Economist, will be reflecting on construction recovery in 2021 and providing forecasts for overall construction market growth by country and region. Join him to identify the key markets set to grow and the different trajectories for countries recovering from the impact of COVID-19, as well as the latest construction confidence and risk analyses.

Technology Adoption in Construction – 35 mins

David Bicknell, Principal Analyst in Thematic Research, will outline key insights from GlobalData’s latest survey of construction companies into the adoption of various technologies. He’ll be giving examples of recent technology innovations, which will enable the construction sector to improve project delivery and site safety. Expert perspective on the latest trends in patents will also be a key lens through which David will highlight the pace of development of new, innovative technologies.

ESG in Construction – 35 mins

Join Dr Lil Read, Thematic Analyst, for key insights from GlobalData’s recent industry surveys regarding ESG, focusing on the ESG performance of leading companies in critical areas for the construction industry. Lil will be analyzing case studies of how the construction sector is improving its ESG performance, particularly through the use of technology.

Conclusions & Outlook for 2022 – 5 mins

In concluding remarks, our speakers will leave you with a definitive picture of what 2022 holds for the construction industry, from key markets for growth to technology and ESG priorities. There will be also the chance for a final Q&A.

Our speakers

Danny Richards, Lead Economist

Danny Richards is the Lead Economist for GlobalData Construction, focusing on the market sizing and forecasting for the global construction industry, and analysis of construction project opportunities and risks. He previously worked for the Economist Intelligence Unit as a Senior Economist, and before that as an Economist in the UK Government Economic Service. Danny has a BSc in Economics and Econometrics from the University of Nottingham and an MSc in Development Finance from SOAS, University of London.

David Bicknell, Principal Analyst, Thematic Team

David Bicknell has over 30 years’ experience in writing about and analysing the technology sector, both from the vendor and the user perspective, and in the UK and the US. His career in technology journalism and analysis has included detailed research into IT projects and he has co-authored a book, ‘Crash’, which explored why and how IT projects go wrong. He has also co-authored a novel on the life of computer pioneer Charles Babbage. He has previously worked for a news agency and for the BBC.

Lil Read, Thematic Analyst

Dr Lil Read is an Analyst in GlobalData’s Thematic Research Team where she heads up thematic content for the construction industry. She joined the team in October 2020 after completing her PhD at the University of Cambridge on how plankton grow biominerals in response to changing climates. In her role as an analyst she has covered themes such as AI, ESG, and IoT, and has a special interest in semiconductors and social media.