Forecasting the Future of Payments

Monday, 22nd Nov 2021 at 12:00 GMT


About the event

The past two years alone have greatly changed how we pay as consumers and businesses, accelerating trends already present in the market and pushing the cashless society ever closer to the precipice of reality. With seismic changes already underway, and more new technologies and models waiting in the wings, it’s critical for businesses to understand where the market will move in the next five years.
This two-hour virtual conference brings together the very best gold-standard intelligence from GlobalData’s Banking & Payments Intelligence Center, marrying market-leading analysis, robust predictive forecasting, and deep alternative datasets to reveal the disruptive themes, key players and growth opportunities in the payments industry.

Aimed at analysts, consultants, strategy and product teams, and those keen to grapple with global trends and industry themes, our virtual conference will help you to:

• Accurately size and forecast the payments market

• Identify the key areas of growth

• Prize apart the technology trends that will shape the future of the payments market from those that won’t

• Discover what the impact of technological change and the rolling presence of fintech will have on the market

• Identify your next key investment opportunities early and spot the next emergent unicorns

Sectors Covered:

• Ecommerce

• Blockchain

• Fintech

• Regulation

• Payments

• Mobile payments

• Online payments

• Alternative payments


Welcome & Introduction – 5 mins

We start this event off with a brief introduction to the world of payments as it is by Bartosz Golba, Research Director at GlobalData Financial Services, as well as what you can expect from the next two hours.

Data Trends and Forecasts – 30 mins

In the second part of our comprehensive exploration of the payments industry, Sam Murrant, Lead Analyst for Payments at GlobalData Financial Services, will be sizing the payments industry across the most impactful channels, including electronic payments, paper payments, e-commerce, mobile, and real-time payments, all with an eye on their future market share within the next five years.

Sam will also be exploring current and historic consumer trends in the payments industry, alongside the impact COVID-19 has had on them, using GlobalData’s Financial Services Consumer Survey. Charting consumer behavior across channels, themes, geographies and profiles, our Consumer Survey collects responses from over 250,000 respondents to accurately gauge the headspace of the consumer in the modern financial world.

Disruptive Forces in Payments – 30 mins

Here we’ll be looking at the wider themes impacting the payments universe through the lens of our Thematic framework. Sam Murrant will be joined by George Monaghan from the Thematic Analysis team at GlobalData, where they’ll be drilling into the role technology and regulatory change play in shaping the future dynamics of the industry, what themes future players will need to tap into to ensure success, and potential unicorns in the making.

Underpinning this analysis will be GlobalData’s comprehensive alternative dataset, where patents, company filings, job analytics, M&A, and more combine to paint a picture of the future movements and disruptive themes across the spectrum of business.

Roundtable: Payments Products in 2026 – 60 mins

In our roundtable segment, we’ll be joined by Bartosz Golba, Sam Murrant, Stephen Walker, GlobalData’s Lead Analyst of Fintech, and Frederique Slevin, VP of Product Management, Retail Payments at ACI Worldwide, as they discuss the future of payments products up and down the value chain.

From what the products of tomorrow will look like, to how the money will be moved around the globe in the next five years, this group of industry experts will be bringing their decades of experience to dissect the future trajectory of the products pushing the envelope in the payments market.

Conclusions & Outlook for 2022

In this, our last segment of the day, our analysts and guests will be drawing upon their experience and research as they have their last say on the key markets for growth in the sector, as well as the technological, macroeconomic and regulatory themes disrupting the space.

We’ll also be giving attendees the exclusive opportunity for a Q&A session with our market-leading analysts, who will be answering any questions from the floor as they pertain to the payments business.

Our Speakers

Sam Murrant, Lead Analyst for Payments, GlobalData Financial Services

Responsible for overseeing all Payments content on the GlobalData platform, Sam brings nine years of payments analysis experience to the heart of GlobalData’s payments strategy. From designing the annual Financial Services Consumer Survey, to coordinating payments-based consulting projects, he focuses on the use-case for the end-user to disentangle the payments landscape.

Stephen Walker, Lead Analyst for Fintech, GlobalData Financial Services

As Lead Analyst for Fintech at GlobalData Financial Services, Steve oversees all fintech and Thematic content across the GlobalData platform. His research covers all areas of digital transformation strategy with a particular focus on disruptive new business models. Prior to GlobalData, Steve spent time at Forrester and Corporative Executive Board (CEB), and within Strategy roles at Lloyds bank.

Frederique Slevin, VP of Product management, Retail Payments at ACI Worldwide

Fred Slevin has over 20 years of experience managing payments software products for banks and intermediaries. Having joined ACI in 2006, she now leads the Retail Payments Solution Management team which leads the solution’s technology and business evolution, as well as defining and enabling the solution’s go-to-market strategy in the field of universal connectivity.

Bartosz Golba, Research Director, GlobalData Financial Services

Bartosz heads up the Financial Services division at GlobalData and is responsible for the product development strategy, quality of delivery and robust methodologies across their Financial Services content – covering Banking and Payments, Wealth Management, and Insurance. Prior to GlobalData Bartosz worked in the industry as a private banker at Getin Noble Bank for a number of years.

George Monaghan, Thematic Analyst, GlobalData

George Monaghan is an Analyst in GlobalData’s Thematic Research Team, which he joined after completing his bachelor’s degree at Durham University. In this role, George has evaluated and interpreted the themes proving most disruptive in the world of business, including AI, IoT and ESG. His comments on cryptocurrency have been featured in Bloomberg, Reuters and The Economic Times.