Mapping the Strategic Direction of Global Packaged Foods

Thursday, 11th Nov 2021 at 14:00 GMT


About the event

While the effects of the pandemic still affect the day-to-day lives of food marketers, longer-term strategic impacts must also be assessed. Consumer values and consumption behaviors are set for permanent revision in the wake of COVID-19 – directly affecting at-home food consumption occasions around the world. The race to strategically realign strategies and portfolios to country, category and channel targets has already begun, but knowing what those targets should be is key.

This two-hour forty-five-minute virtual conference brings together the very best insight and gold-standard intelligence from GlobalData’s Consumer practice to provide a definitive vision for the packaged food industry. With a comprehensive agenda covering strategic themes, consumer trends, market and channel performance, and insight into companies’ playbooks, this conference will enable you to see how your business fits into the bigger picture.

Aimed at food marketers, strategic thinkers and those keen to understand global trends and industry themes, our virtual conference will help you to:

Discover the most important strategic themes your company needs to know about

Understand the future direction of key meal and snacking categories and the channel dynamics that will affect them

Understand the global market share that emergent consumer behaviors represent

Gain insight from ‘alternative’ data sets, including patents, company filings and hiring trends, to understand which industry players are tuned into the most impactful themes affecting the consumer landscape

Pinpoint in what direction future products and services need to head in to target the themes which have the biggest potential to change the industry

Sectors Covered:

All packaged food sectors

How packaged food is aligned to key at-home consumption occasions

Where key consumer behaviors, as they’ve been affected by the pandemic, interact with packaged food market data


Welcome & Introduction – 15 mins

Before we launch into the conference proper, Piers Berezai, Research & Analysis Director of GlobalData’s Consumer, Foodservice, and Packaging practices, will be giving a brief introduction into just how the global pandemic has forced a widespread redefinition of the packaged food marketing landscape.

Forecasts & Prospects – 30 mins

The second part of our comprehensive examination of packaged food, Piers Berezai and Katie Page, Content Director, GlobalData’s Consumer, Foodservice, and Packaging practices, will be examining the shifts in key consumer super-categories and channels that have resulted from the significant recalibration of consumer preferences.

Piers and Katie will also be unpicking the headline opportunities that these recent behavioral shifts have prompted across the global market.

Industry Insights – 30 mins

Our Analysis Director for the Consumer, Foodservice, and Packaging practices, Ramaa Chipalkatti, will then be running through the key themes changing how consumers behave and interact with their product choices on a global level.

With these changes in consumer behavior comes the need for industry to adapt to a plastic hierarchy of consumer preferences, so stay tuned for how industry can adapt to the market.

Thematic Analysis – 30 mins

In this section of our conference, Dr Lil Read from the GlobalData Thematic Analysis team will be taking you through the alternative datasets which lay brimming with market information to those with the power to see it. From patents, to company filings and M&A deals, unpick the themes set to cause a major splash in packaged food.

Lil will also be identifying which players are tapping into these wave-making themes with success, and who aren’t – listing the winners and losers in this exciting space, as well as any key plays being made.

Future Products & Services – 30 mins

Bringing all this data together to enhance product development is our next session, in which Senior Analysts for the Consumer, Foodservice, and Packaging practices, Lia Neophytou and Jenny Questier, will be examining the key strategic actions major players will need to take to develop successful products and services for the future market.

Lia and Jenny will be running through how Product Managers can develop their processes to target the key themes affecting the industry, future-proofing their future investment in a turbulent market.

Conclusions & Outlook – 10 mins

In this penultimate segment, our analysts will be drawing together their research on the future state of the packaged food market to come to a series of actionable conclusions.

What is the market outlook now, what themes and forces are poised to have the most impact, and who are the players keying into the trends that will shape the market for the next decade – acquire all the information you’ll need to go to market.


Last, but not least, is the exclusive chance to field questions to our market-leading analysts. For the last part of our conference, we’ll be opening the field to questions from the audience, as they apply to the topic at hand.

Our Speakers

Piers Berezai; Research and Analysis Director, GlobalData’s Consumer, Foodservice, and Packaging practices

A specialist in Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail, Piers has over 20 years of experience in research, analysis and business information. Prior to joining GlobalData, he was instrumental in the creation and development of Datamonitor’s New Consumer Insight proposition.

Ramaa Chipalkatti, Analysis Director, GlobalData’s Consumer, Foodservice, and Packaging practices

Ramaa manages the publication schedule for GlobalData’s Innovation Intelligence Centre, using her industry insight to ensure that quality standards are maintained throughout the syndicated platform. In addition to creating research and analysis, she also helps create GlobalData’s proprietary consumer survey research program. Ramaa has presented at several international industry conferences and is regularly quoted in trade publications.

Lia Neophytou, Senior Analyst, GlobalData’s Consumer, Foodservice, and Packaging practices

Lia is the Senior Analyst responsible for analyzing the consumer behavior catalyzing innovation across the FMCG space. Lia has presented at industry conferences including in-cosmetics Global and her views on the FMCG landscape have been quoted in several industry publications including Forbes, Vogue Business, and Cosmetics Design Europe.

Katie Page, Content Director, GlobalData’s Consumer, Foodservice, and Packaging practices

Katie oversees all aspects of the syndicated research agenda, as well as contributing to bespoke client consulting projects. Her expertise covers primary research, consumer insights analysis, market assessment, and product innovation tracking, skills she has previously used at Greencore plc, Sainsbury’s, and a retail operations consultancy. She holds an MA from the University of Oxford.

Jenny Questier, Senior Analyst, GlobalData’s Consumer, Foodservice, and Packaging practices

With nearly ten years’ experience in FMCG, Jenny has used her considerable skills at GlobalData to create and develop global content and consulting projects to identify and understand key trends in consumer behavior. Jenny’s key areas of interest lie in researching emerging consumer groups, with recent topics of research included the myriad impact of COVID-19 on consumers and their lifestyles.

Dr Lil Read, Analyst, Thematic Research

Dr Lil Read is an Analyst in GlobalData’s Thematic Research team, which she joined in October 2020 after completing her PhD at the University of Cambridge. In her role she has covered the themes making the largest impact across the world of business, assisting in the syndicated research process on topics such as AI, ESG, and IoT. Her areas of specialist interest include semiconductors and social media.