GlobalData Conferences Presents: Mapping the Future Dynamics of the Global Non-Alcoholic Beverages Sector

Wednesday, 2nd Feb 2022 at 14:00 GMT


The Covid-19 pandemic has had a deep impact on the non-alcoholic beverages industry, and it is crucial that companies act now to assess the strategic implications of disrupted consumption patterns and consumer trends. Join contemporaries worldwide to gain insight into how soft, hot, and liquid dairy drinks brands will need to adapt to new consumer demands and market dynamics.

Our virtual conference will help you to:

  • Discover the most important strategic issues, opportunities, and threats you need to explore
  • Understand the future direction of non-alcoholic beverages categories
  • Learn which brands are succeeding when faced with changing consumer consumption habits
  • Find out which technological disruptive forces are having the most impact on the industry and how you can marshal them to successfully target consumer and industry trends
  • Identify action points to help your business thrive throughout the consumer value chain

Intended Audience:

Specific to the non-alcoholic beverages industry:

  • Brand & Product Managers
  • Strategy Planners and Directors
  • Global & Regional Marketing Directors
  • Insight Managers and Directors
  • Research & Development Managers
  • Innovation Managers
  • Interested C-level titles
  • Industry & Marketing Consultants

Sectors Covered:

  • Carbonates, bottled water, juice, energy drinks, sports drinks, still drinks, ready-to-drink tea and coffee, hot drinks, still drinks, and all other packaged non-alcoholic beverages
  • On-trade and off-trade consumption


Welcome and introduction – 15 minutes

Piers Berezai will give a brief introduction to how the global pandemic has forced widespread change in the non-alcoholic beverages industry.

Forecasts and prospects – 30 minutes

Suzanna Clarke will then examine shifts in key categories and channels that have resulted from the significant recalibration of consumer preferences.

Industry insights – 30 minutes

In part three, Ramaa Chipalkatti will discuss key themes changing consumer behavior on a global level. Stay tuned to find out how the industry can adapt to a plastic hierarchy of consumer preferences.

Thematic analysis – 30 minutes

Lil Read will take you through the alternative datasets brimming with market information. Unpick the themes set to cause a splash in non-alcoholic drinks and identify key plays being made in this space.


Future products and services – 30 minutes

Jenny Questier and Lia Neophytou will then examine key strategic actions major players will need to take to develop successful products and services for the future market.

Conclusions and outlook – 10 minutes

In this penultimate segment, Piers Berezai will draw together our analysts’ research on the future state of the packaged food market to come to a series of actionable conclusions.


For the last part of our conference, we’ll open the field to questions from the audience


Piers Berezai, Research and Analysis Director, GlobalData’s Consumer, Foodservice, and Packaging practices

Piers has over 20 years of experience in research, analysis and business information. Prior to joining GlobalData, he was instrumental in the creation and development of Datamonitor’s New Consumer Insight proposition.

Suzanna Clarke, Research and Analysis Director, GlobalData’s Beverages Service

Suzanna brings peerless expertise to the directorship of GlobalData’s Beverages Service, where she advises the biggest beverage brands on market growth opportunities, route-to-market, and portfolio strategy.

Ramaa Chipalkatti, Analysis Director, GlobalData’s Consumer, Foodservice, and Packaging practices

Ramaa manages the content publication schedule for GlobalData’s Innovation Intelligence Centre and ensures that quality standards are maintained throughout the syndicated platform.

Lil Read, Analyst, Thematic Research

Dr Lil Read has covered the themes making the largest impact across the world of business, assisting in the syndicated research process on topics such as AI, ESG, and IoT.

Jenny Questier, Senior Analyst, GlobalData; Consumer, Foodservice, and Packaging practices

With nearly ten years’ experience in FMCG, Jenny has worked in marketing and category roles to manage brands, research and launch successful innovation, and drive category growth.

Lia Neophytou, Senior Analyst, GlobalData’s Consumer, Foodservice, and Packaging practices

Lia is a Senior Analyst at GlobalData responsible for analyzing the consumer behavior catalyzing innovation across the FMCG space.