GlobalData Conferences Presents: Forecasting the Future of Insurance

Wednesday, 9th Feb 2022 at 14:00 GMT


The last year has imposed jarring operating conditions across the world and across the Insurance industry. As a new year dawns, it is critical to take stock of where the market will move in 2022 and beyond. These sessions will use comprehensive, data-driven analysis drawing on market sizing, robust predictive forecasting, and deep alternative datasets to provide the most complete picture of the Insurance industry possible.


This two-and-a-half-hour virtual conference brings together predictions on the growth of the Insurance industry, as well as insights into trends in technology adoption, and changes in regulation and business strategy, to give a definitive vision of the future direction of the market. With a comprehensive agenda covering key growth opportunities, strategic themes and company performance and innovation, this conference will enable you to see how your business fits in to the big picture.


Aimed at analysts, consultants, strategy and product teams, and those keen to understand global trends and industry themes, our virtual conference will help you to:


  • Accurately size and forecast the insurance market, and identify the key areas of growth around the world
  • Analyze shifts in distribution dynamics and what this means for various parts of the insurance value chain
  • Reflect on the changing role of insurance in an environment with renewed consumer focus on wellness
  • Determine the technology trends that will shape the future of the insurance market – and how they will change the market
  • Discover the impacts technology and COVID-19 have had on insurance personnel retention, as well as skills requirements and acquisition
  • Find the “unicorns” of the future in insurance – identify the key investment opportunities early


Intended Audience:

  • Strategy Directors
  • Brand and Product Managers
  • Insight and Strategy Managers
  • Market intelligence managers
  • Global & Regional Marketing Directors
  • Insight Managers and Directors
  • Market analysts
  • Underwriters


Key topics covered in detail:

  • ESG in Insurance
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Wellbeing
  • Big Data
  • Distribution
  • Demographics
  • Insurtech



Welcome & Introduction

Data Trends and Forecasts – 30 mins

GlobalData experts Beatriz Benito, Ben-Carey Evans, and Anel Castellanos, will begin this conference by providing a global overview of the Insurance industry, and discussing hot lines of business and distribution changes post-COVID.

Disruptive Forces in Insurance – 30 mins

Analyst Dr Lil Read will be discussing the role technology and regulatory change play in shaping the future dynamics of the industry, and will determine the leading companies in insurance according to our Thematic framework.

Panel 1: Insurance and Wellbeing after the pandemic – 40 mins

Senior Analyst Beatriz Benito, and a team of industry executives from leading players such as Zurich, will host a panel discussion covering the growing role of this multifaceted concept in insurance products and services.

Panel 2: Insurance personnel risk, retention, and acquisition – 40 mins

Analyst Ben Carey-Evans, and a team of industry executives from industry giants RSA and Aviva, will host a panel discussing the challenges insurers have in ensuring the right mix of skills and experience in their workforce as the industry copes with the increasing digitization at all points of the value chain.

Conclusions & Outlook for 2022 and beyond – 10 mins

Research Director Bartosz Golba will present conclusions on key strategic questions, a consideration of the outlook for the sector going forward, as well as the opportunity for a final Q&A.


Andrew Haslip, Head of Content for Wealth Management, GlobalData

Andrew is Head of Content for Wealth Management research and leads the Australian team of GlobalData Financial Services in Sydney, where he focuses on the private wealth management and affluent banking market in the Asia Pacific region. Recent topics of research have included the evolving HNW and mass affluent investor opportunity in APAC.

Bartosz Golba, Research Director, GlobalData

Bartosz heads up the Financial Services division at GlobalData and is responsible for the product development strategy, quality of delivery and robust methodologies across their Financial Services content – covering Banking and Payments, Wealth Management, and Insurance. Prior to joining GlobalData in 2014, Bartosz worked in various roles in the financial services industry.

Beatriz Benito, Senior Analyst, GlobalData

Beatriz joined GlobalData’s insurance team two years ago. She focuses on producing insights on general and life insurance, key technology trends emerging in the insurance industry, as well as on pensions and retirement. Beatriz manages GlobalData’s annual ‘UK Life & Pensions Survey’ and has managed the team’s ‘2021 UK Insurance Consumer Survey’.

Ben Carey-Evans, Analyst, GlobalData

Ben has worked at GlobalData as an insurance analyst for four years. He writes reports on all areas of general and life insurance, as well as on key technology trends emerging in the insurance industry. He has a keen interest in developments in insurtech and how it has been influencing the overall insurance market.  He holds a BA for the University of Nottingham.

Anel Castellanos, Data Manager, GlobalData

Anel joined GlobalData as Insurance Data Manager in 2017, she has over 10 years of experience in the insurance industry including first-hand experience in underwriting and reinsurance operations. Her work in market intelligence has shaped the taxonomy of various global databases.  Anel holds a BSc in Statistics from the Central University of Venezuela.

Lil Read, Analyst, Thematic Research, GlobalData

Dr Lil Read is an Analyst in GlobalData’s Thematic Research team, which she joined in October 2020 after completing her PhD at the University of Cambridge. In her role she has covered the themes making the largest impact across the world of business, assisting in the syndicated research process on topics such as AI, ESG, and IoT. Her areas of specialist interest include semiconductors and social media.


Panel 1: Insurance and Wellbeing after the pandemic – 40 mins

Liz Ryan, Head of Performance and Insights for Zurich UK P&C Claims

Liz is responsible for providing UK and Group stakeholders with insights into emerging claims experience and overseeing the use of analytics within Claims. She also oversees Zurich’s People agenda for Claims with a focus on building the sustainable skills and ways of working needed for the future and co-ordinates change activity to build and deliver Zurich’s customer ambition. She is a qualified actuary by background and has worked in a variety of roles both in industry and consultancy prior to joining Zurich in 2015.

Panel 2: IInsurance personnel risk, retention, and acquisition – 40 mins

Michael Gregory, Underwriting Strategy Lead, UK & International, RSA

Michael leads the Underwriting Strategy and Delivery department for RSA’s UK & International business. He has several years’ experience in leading insurance teams across both APAC and Europe. Michael has additionally been awarded multiple industry scholarships and prizes for his thought-leading contribution to the industry.

Anuradha Purbey, People Director, UK & Ireland General Insurance, Aviva

Anu is a well-rounded Human Resources (HR) professional with over 25 years’ experience in markets such as India, US, Singapore, Turkey, Ireland, and the UK. Commercial, solutions-driven, client-focused and experienced at managing C-suite stakeholders both in regional and in-country roles, Anu can operate strategically as well as tactically and is experienced in leading geographically diverse teams. Anu is an ICF coach, and a design thinker committed to transforming work and workplaces. She is an adaptable and culturally sensitive individual who champions inclusive diversity.