GlobalData Conferences Presents: 2022 MedTech Trends

Wednesday, 26th Jan 2022 at 14:30 GMT



The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause fluctuations in the medical device market. To survive, companies must do more than grab the sides of their ship and hope. They must prepare to adapt to shifts in the ever-evolving market.

This two-and-a-half-hour virtual conference brings together groundbreaking insight and pioneering data and forecasts from GlobalData’s Medical Intelligence Centre to present a comprehensive vision of the future direction of the medical device industry. With a comprehensive agenda covering key strategic themes, industry trends, market performance, and insight into companies’ actions to target emerging themes, this conference will enable you to see how your business fits in to the big picture.

Aimed at medical device manufacturers, strategic thinkers, and those keen to understand global trends and industry themes, our virtual conference will help you to:

  • Get to grips with the most important strategic themes your company needs to explore
  • Understand the future direction of the medical device industry by gaining an insight into emerging industry trends
  • Identify which companies are best placed to succeed in a future filled with multiple disruptive threats
  • Gain insight from underlying ‘alternative’ data from patents to company filings and hiring to understand which players are already ahead on targeting the latest themes
  • Understand where future innovation in both products and services needs to operate to target these themes

Intended Audience:

  • Brand & Product Managers
  • Strategy Planners and Directors
  • Global & Regional Marketing Directors
  • Insight Managers and Directors

Sectors Covered:

  • High level coverage of medical device industry trends
  • Overview of COVID-19 impact on the different therapy areas and future outlook
  • Key themes for 2022


Welcome & Introduction – 15 mins

Andrew Thompson, Director of Therapy Research & Analysis, Medical Devices, will pave the way for the conference by discussing the current state of the medical device industry.

Industry Insights – 30 mins

Andrew will then be offering his essential insights into the key trends shaping the medical device industry on a global level, with detailed analysis of deals, clinical trials, and pipeline products.

Impact of COVID-19 on Medical Device Sales – 30 mins

Senior Medical Devices Analyst Dominic Tong will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on medical device sales as well as recovery trends, with a focus on the outlook for 2022.

Thematic Analysis – 30 mins

Senior Medical Devices Analyst Aliyah Farouk will reveal the insight you can gain by analyzing the key themes that will impact the medical device industry in 2022.

Future Products & Services – 30 mins

Join Medical Devices Analyst Tina Deng to discover the essential strategic actions your business should be undertaking in order to develop successful products and services.

Conclusions & Outlook – 15 mins

Senior Healthcare Analyst David Brown will present conclusions on key strategic questions, a consideration of the outlook for the sector going forward, as well as the opportunity for a final Q&A.


Andrew Thompson, Director of Therapy Research & Analysis, Medical Devices

Andrew joined GlobalData in 2012 as a senior analyst based in London, and has authored a number of MediPoint reports, focusing on molecular diagnostic tests in use within the healthcare industry.

Previously, Andrew worked for over 15 years within the biotechnology industry and academia, playing a leading role in the development of in vitro diagnostic tests. Andrew received a B.S. in Applied Microbiology from Strathclyde University and a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the University of Warwick.

Dominic Tong, Senior Analyst

Dominic leads the SKU data team, which comprehensively maps and analyzes US hospital purchasing data across a range of key medical device markets. Dominic has previously worked on multiple therapeutic areas within GlobalData, including neurology, wound care, diagnostic imaging, and dental.

Dominic graduated with an M.A. in Social Psychology from the University of Toronto, where he specialized in survey research methodology and research management.

Aliyah Farouk, Senior Analyst

Aliyah is a senior medical devices analyst at GlobalData with a focus on Thematic Research. Her work includes comprehensive research and qualitative/quantitative analysis assessing the key themes driving the medical device industry. She also has experience in market modeling and forecasts in the wound care and in vitro diagnostics therapy areas.

Prior to joining GlobalData, Aliyah worked as a medical engineer for the NHS where she audited, inspected, and serviced medical equipment across several NHS Trusts. Aliyah has an MSc in Biomedical Engineering with a specialization in Neurotechnology from Imperial College London.

David Brown, Senior Analyst

David is a senior healthcare analyst within the GlobalData team who operates within healthcare infrastructure and medical devices. His expertise spans across the orthopedic, cardiovascular and neurovascular therapeutics areas. David specializes in modeling and forecasting global markets through the collection and integration of data from key opinion leaders, primary participants, secondary research and real-world data.

Prior to joining GlobalData, David worked as a researcher in Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children while earning his PhD through the University of Toronto. During this experience, David gained expert knowledge in the fields of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine.

Tina Deng, Principal Analyst

Tina joined GlobalData’s medical devices team in 2016, and has the expertise to perform primary and secondary research to deliver comprehensive analyses of wound care management and other various markets in the medical device industry.

Prior to joining GlobalData, she was a consultant at Livingston Market Consultants and performed qualitative and quantitative market research studies in China. Tina also has 3 years’ experience in the medical device industry in China and Canada, which greatly enhanced her understanding of healthcare marketing from regional and global perspectives.

Jot Kaur, Client Success Manager

Jot is Client Success Manager (North America region) at GlobalData. She analyses market data to address client research goals, regularly engages with Pharmaceuticals/healthcare stakeholders, and delivers relevant presentations to successfully place GlobalData’s full range of services as meaningful solutions to clients. Prior to this, she worked as an Analyst under the Economic Research team in GlobalData where she prepared and published critical regional reports encasing macro-economic parameters. Jot graduated with a Master’s in Healthcare Management from the Institute of Health Management Research.